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Rebecca Louise Law born 1980 in Cambridge,UK is an installation artist who works with natural materials. She trained in Fine Art at Newcastle University, England. Her work plays with the relationship between the human being and nature. She is best known for her interactive large-scale installations of hanging flowers within site-specific spaces. As well as exhibiting in Public Spaces, Galleries and Museums, Rebecca has made installations for fashion brands such as; Hermes, Salvatore Ferragamo and Gucci.

For the wider community Rebecca has also led Land Art Projects to encourage social change through engaging with nature hands on. She operates out of a studio on Columbia Road, East London.


The truth is,

I won’t miss you when you’re gone;

Don’t get me wrong, I miss you, more than I thought it possible to miss something, but, 

As strange as it may sound,

I miss you most when I’m with you. 

When we’re together, and your dull, lifeless eyes, devoid of the fiery passion they once held,

Struggle to look at me.

When your voice fills my ears, a straight tone, 

No longer quivering with joy in my presence.

When your words lose meaning, 

and your grip loosens,

your hands no longer lovingly squeezing mine,

this is when I miss you most.

When this thing that we’ve become reminds me of 

what we once were,

and forces me to realize;

You’re already gone


When in distress, every thing is a metaphor for the one thing that causes one distress. This is natural. Inhale. Life is a crafted thing and the tool for shaping that thing is the will. Exhale.


cello players covering tool


Nine Inch Nails - Every Day is Exactly the Same

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❝ There lives within the very flame of love
A kind of wick or snuff that will abate it,
And nothing is at a like goodness still,
For goodness, growing to a plurisy,
Dies in his own too much. ❞

— William Shakespeare, Hamlet (4.7.114-18)


I love this dope shiettt

❝ Are we not all alike, constantly talking and to no one, forever up against the same questions although we know the answers in advance? ❞

— Albert Camus, The Fall (via robcam-wfu)

❝ What can be explained is not poetry. ❞

— W.B. Yeats (via observando)


I’ll be honest, I don’t quite hate you, but I’m pretty fucking close to it.

I really do hope you think of me still. And I hope every sweet word I fed you lingers in that fucked up head of yours. And I hope I’m an everlasting craving of yours. And I hope my name slips out your mouth when you’re fucking that poor girl you tricked into being with you for forever. And I hope it rains on your wedding day and the drops wash away that fake ass smile of yours so that who you REALLY are is left standing at the altar for all to see.

And once you realize what a fuck up you are, let me be your choice rope, and let me be the one presiding over your funeral, and let me be the dirt smothering you.

You are THE only thing I regret.




The Turkish company Pugedon has created a vending machine that’s dispensing help for both the environment and our furry friends.

Watch the machine in action here.

this makes me so happy


River Structures Paul Hirzel

  • River House I ‘The Bridge’ with 2,310sqf conditioned space is the living-guest quarters and it sets approx. 12 feet above grade. A 15-foot deep steel Howe truss system spans 80 feet at the center span with 32/16 foot balancing cantilevers at each end. The steel bridge truss supports a wood lattice that shades conditioned space below.
  • River House II ‘The Lookout’ with 1,139sqf conditioned space is a multiuse space 1000 feet up river from the main structure. It is constructed with an inverted steel truss exoskeleton which cantilevers 40 feet over the river to view a rare Steelhead spawning pool below. 

I lunar you
you cumulus me
you high tide me
I transparent you
you twilight me
translucent me
you empty castle
and maze me
and parabola me
you horizontal
and vertical me
you oblique me

I breathe you
night and day I breathe you
I mouth you
I palate you I tooth and claw you
vulva and eyelid you
I breath you
groin you
blood you neck you
I calves you I certain you
I cheek and vein you

I hands you
sweat you
tongue you
nape you
I sail you
I shadow you I body and ghost you
I retina you in my breath
you iris yourself…


— excerpts from the End of the World: To Embody~ Gherasim Luca (1913-1994)


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